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The Triumph is changing the world, one soul at a time. The following testimonials were sent to us from some of the screenings that have been held throughout the world. If you have seen The Triumph please send us your testimonials through our contact form.


Opening address by Her Excellency, Biljana Gutić-Bjelica, Ambassador of Bosnia-Herzegovina to Canada

Ottawa debut of The Triumph, October 12, 2013

Ambasssador-Gutic-BjelicaYour Excellency, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, dear friends, I would like to greet you and welcome you all and to thank you in this early hour for coming.  When I received the invitation extended by the Ave Maria Centre of Peace, I really felt an urge to come and address, not only for official, but also for my personal reasons.

Being born and raised in the city of Mostar, which is only 25 km from Medjugorje, in Bosnia-Herzegovina, I also remember the excitement and attention that events described in the film that we are about to watch instilled in us and still do.

This mystery that gave hope of peace and holiness brought and still brings rivers of people from all parts of the globe and they all come to this small city in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

They are all looking not for proof but for their personal intimate vision of a better tomorrow, vision of health, vision of people within and around themselves. This place is being visited not only by Catholics but also by members of other religious denominations and that is what makes it so special.

Places like Medjugorje offer a vision of possibility to reconciliate and come to peace with your personality, your local, national and, finally, global community. It is a chain that allows us to grow in love, give and receive, become better human beings through knowledge and understanding, become who we really are.

It is a chain that allows us to recognize and cherish the importance of love and mutual respect. It is so much an obvious necessity but often forgotten and neglected.

This morning, with this event, we all will attempt devotedly and effectively to contribute to this vision. I therefore applaud the tireless service and creativeness of each and every one who personally tries to contribute.

I applaud the author of this documentary and say that I am convinced that the film will touch our hearts. Thank you to the Ave Maria Centre of Peace for organizing this event. Thank you, enjoy the movie, and have a wonderful long weekend. God bless you all.


His Excellency, Veselko Grubišić, Croatian Ambassador to Canada with Her Excellency, Biljana Gutić-Bjelica, Ambassador of Bosnia-Herzegovina to Canada, at the Ottawa premiere of The Triumph, October 12, 2013.

Outstanding!…The Triumph surpasses all previous documentaries on the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Medjugorje, which has occurred daily since June 24, 1981. To say that this is a must-see film is an understatement. Every living soul should be aware of the greatest grace being given to the world daily at Medjugorje. The film captures the essence of the primary message of spiritual conversion as it follows a young man who has no real faith. It is informative, entertaining and deeply affective in reaching the depths of the soul.

Wayne Weible, best-selling author and international speaker

The movie should be called “The Truth.” This is the most incredible movie I have ever seen. We live in Medjugorje. Every part of that movie is completely the truth. There is no acting. Nobody is acting in that movie. They are speaking the truth. Mirjana is not putting on a show. They are speaking the absolute truth. That is Medjugorje. The best I have ever seen and I have lived there for 21 years. It is phenomenal. The world should see this movie.

– Patrick Latta, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Retreat Centre, Medjugorje

We have just seen the movie and we wept. It is impossible to have the entire spectrum of Medjugorje in any movie. As the visionaries say, there is no image, there are no words, there is nothing to explain. This movie is one that touches the heart. It is a movie that portrays the truth of a spectrum of love of God, of a spectrum of Medjugorje. As Patrick said, this movie, the name that should be given to it, is “Truth.”

– Nancy Latta, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Retreat Centre, Medjugorje


Winnipeg Free Press article on Winnipeg premiere of The Triumph.


My name is Gabriel, 10 years old, the movie is very spiritual.

– North York, ON

I thought this movie was really inspiring because not very many people pray as much and they don’t really care to pray. I think more children should watch it.

– Anonymous (Child) – Sudbury, ON

Even though I am a youngster, I think the movie is amazing.  Everyone should see this movie.

– Anonymous (Child) – Scarborough, ON

I think it is really inspiring; I think that everybody should watch it because many people can change and how God can change their lives.  

– Anonymous (Child) – Sudbury, ON

Very good movie. Went to Medjugorje. Seeing the movie makes us relive the experience. You have to visit Medjugorje or you should see the movie.

– Sebastian & Valentina (Children) – North York, ON

I saw the movie The Triumph. Think that you guys should see it too. It is really good. I liked about it that it is holy and they all thought about Jesus and God and Hail Mary and stuff like that. I say everybody should see it.

– Victoria (Child) – Brooklin, ON

I liked the movie because it was very touching to me and I really liked Ben. It really felt like you were in Medjugorje. 

– Anonymous (Child) – Sudbury, ON

I liked the movie. And I really liked the funny voices the priest did.

– Anonymous (Child) – Scarborough, ON

Just saw The Triumph. It was amazing. It brought me to tears. It was a moving experience. It helps you realize that you don’t have to be a perfect person to learn so much from it.

– Sarah (Teenager) – Whitby, ON

Just saw the movie The Triumph. It is very moving.  It taught me a good lesson. I recommend young people to see it.

– Drew (Teenager) – Whitby, ON

I just finished watching the movie, very inspiring. I am overwhelmed. I think everyone should watch it. I am so inspired.

– Anonymous (Teenager) – Scarborough, ON

Just watched the movie The Triumph. Made me feel great knowing that there is somewhere people can go to experience Mary and know what it’s like to feel her love.

– Adam (Teenager) – Whitby, ON

Just finished watching the movie The Triumph. Very extraordinary. Excellent movie. She chose ordinary people to appear and give certain secrets, very interesting. I want to go to Medjugorje someday; don’t know if Mary will appear to me, but really want to go and pray. Maybe a miracle will happen in my life. Never know what will happen there. I will recommend everyone to see this movie.

– Brian (Youth) – Scarborough, ON

The Triumph was a good movie. It taught us to pray and to love God and that God loves everyone no matter who they are or what they do.

– Natalia (Youth) – Whitby, ON

Just watched the movie The Triumph. It was great. I think people who do not believe should watch the movie. They will be moved I think. I will say the rosary every night from now on.

– Anonymous (Teenager) – Scarborough, ON

Just watched the movie The Triumph. Very inspirational. Looking forward to watch it again. We encourage everyone to watch it.

– Christina & Julianna (Teenagers) – North York, ON

I really enjoyed the movie. I think it just reaffirmed my commitment to go to daily Mass and pray the rosary. I like what Mirjana said to be an example to your friends and Christ will lead them to Him through you.

– Anonymous (Youth) – Scarborough, ON

To see someone go from rock bottom to now believing in God and praying every day is very inspirational to us. It was very inspirational to see what a man can do.

– Anonymous (Teenager) – Mississauga, ON

I just watched the movie. Very touching. I went to the Youth Festival in Medjugorje. Watching the movie relived the experience again. Very overwhelming. It brings tears to your eyes to experience the joy of Mother Mary’s love.

– Tiana (Youth) – Scarborough, ON

We just saw The Triumph. After seeing it as a teenager and seeing what is going on in the world today, it really makes you want to go barefoot and climb that mountain. It is going to be worth it, it’s definitely going to be worth it. I am excited to go. We are going to go. Ben is hilarious. Oh, he is really funny. He is real, natural, one of those down to earth guys. He lived through tough times.  But he made it. So if he can make it, we can.

– Jasmine and Josh (Teenagers) – Mississauga, ON

Very well-made movie. I enjoyed it a lot. Made me more of a believer, more faithful, I must say.

– Anonymous (Youth) – Scarborough, ON

I just finished watching the movie. For me it is very inspirational. Actually I have never seen a movie in terms of this theme and message. As a Catholic I have never known of a place called Medjugorje. Hopefully I will visit there in the future and share the experience with other youth and strengthen my faith, and share it with my family and friends.

– Jonathan (Youth) – Scarborough, ON

It was a real phenomenon. I would say that it is a masterpiece. It is one of the best masterpiece productions that could ever be viewed throughout the world.

– Alexander (Youth) – Mississauga, ON

The movie is spiritually uplifting. It has a great story. It really brings God out to people.

– Mitchell (Youth) – Oshawa, ON

All the contents in it, what the visionary experienced, it was simply amazing. I was crying and it was great.           

– Colin (Teenager) – Mississauga, ON

Experiencing this spectacle The Triumph, I realize that God really is calling me and all the young people to Medjugorje to experience the mercy of our Blessed Mother so I encourage you to come and join us there.

– Erin (Youth) – Scarborough, ON

I thought the moving was amazing. It feels so amazing just to watch this movie and it feels so true. I am listening to these people, the priest, to the people making the movie, and the story, and it feels so amazing. I feel so good right now watching this movie and I honestly feel like I just want to go pray right now and speak from my heart and pray with Mary, pray to God, and pray for me to become a better person. This movie is amazing and I encourage everyone to come and watch it. 

– Marco (Teenager) – Mississauga, ON

It is good movie. It sends a big message, a message of peace and love. Brings all the people together. People who haven’t watched the movie would not understand that. Very touching. Lot of people should  come and see the movie; it will change their life.

– Brian (Youth) – Scarborough, ON

It’s so inspirational. It changed my perspective on God and its very life changing. I’m so glad that I watched it.

– Corina (Teenager) – Mississauga, ON

Last night we were drinking and playing video games and passed out, but woke up early. As like a lot of young people, we go through a lot of struggle in our life. It is some sort of miracle to come here today. It is totally worth it. We recommend everyone to watch it.

– Kevin & Craig (Youth) – Scarborough, ON

Movie was really good and inspiring. As the visionary Mirjana says, we are to blame for what is happening in the world now. Change only starts with us. The young people will benefit watching this movie and contribute their part in bringing the necessary changes in the world.                             

– Anonymous (Youth) – Mississauga, ON

A great movie. Lots of information. I need time to absorb all this. I recommend that many people would be able to experience God’s love and watch this movie.

– Anonymous (Youth) – Scarborough, ON

Inspiring, somewhat unbelievable to watch. Got chills all over my body. You have to watch it over and over again to get the feeling. I will recommend everyone to see The Triumph.

– Luka (17 yrs) – Toronto, ON

This touched me so much, especially the conversion of Ben. I was really touched by it because I am a person that has been through a lot of trials and difficulties and I know what it is to step on the path of forgiveness and to go out clean and to share those moments with God. God is priceless; I really identified with Ben.

– Eileen – Whitby, ON

Just finished watching the movie The Triumph. It touched my heart…I am sooo thankful that I came today because when I saw the seer’s face and I saw her looking at Our Lady, just that moment – that beautiful miraculous moment – my heart was filled with love and joy. I remembered the moment my mother died and we were all around her bed praying, she looked up at someone not in that room and smiled that same smile and her eyes were sparkling like the seer’s eyes. So I know now that I don’t need to go to Medjugorje because I have been to Medjugorje and I think that’s the message that the seer was trying to tell us, Our Lady is trying to tell us, that God is real, that He is here and that He loves us. And I saw that in the movie today.

 – Teresa – Whitby, ON

It was an amazing film. I was very glad that I had a chance to see it. It was an eye-opener. I can say I feel good today, a little different. I’m not much of a believer but to me it is really eye-opening. I feel something in my heart. It feels really good. I like the change of the heart especially for one like me that doesn’t believe. It was a wake-up call on how you can change just maybe going there. I have never been there. In my heart I feel that I will go very soon.

– Anonymous – Calgary, AB

First time watching the movie. It was an extremely moving film…It is humbling to know that Our Lady is working miracles to all who that come there. We just have to open our hearts to the love and peace that is there, and welcome it. Then you can feel God’s love and presence.          

– Melina – Mississauga, ON

I encourage everyone who hasn’t watched the movie or gone to Medugorje to give it a try. It is a life-changing experience. It touched my heart and I am sure it will touch yours too.  Give yourself that chance.

 – Anonymous – Scarborough, ON

Just finished watching the movie, I thought it was fabulous… The movie kind of makes you want to go there. I highly recommend it.

– Angie – Mississauga, ON

I am a member of the Baptist church here in Sudbury, an evangelical Christian. As a Baptist, Medugorje and the visionaries are something we do not hear about in our teaching yet from my Catholic friends I have heard so much about it. This was an opportunity for me to learn more about Medjugorje and the visionaries and what is going on around the world.  It has been a delightful opportunity. I just so appreciate the Ave Maria people that supported The Triumph and bring this information out to the world. I am happy we were able to see it in Sudbury. As for me  it has made me want to do more research and more reading. I would love to go to Croatia, to see Medjugorje myself. I will probably plan to do that as a result of this experience.  So thank you and God bless the world as the message of love and peace of our Lord goes out to the world through this wonderful medium of film.

– Diane – Sudbury, ON

We just watched the movie, The Triumph. It was a wonderful, wonderful spiritual experience we had. It increased our faith and we really could feel the power of the Holy Spirit. Our faith has increased and devotion to Mother Mary has increased. We wish that God gives us an opportunity to experience that at Medjugorje.

– Daniel – North York, ON

This movie must be seen by everybody in Canada where people are so confused and there is such influence of evil in our society. We need more prayer and to look at Mary and behave as she wants us to be.

– Anonymous – Mississauga, ON

The movie is definitely not what I expected; it was more than what I thought.  After watching the movie I feel more than energized. I did not believe it at first.  But seeing the apparition of Mary, seeing the facial expressions, and listening to the testimony, it triggered something in me.  If you hadn’t seen the movie I will encourage you to.  It is a small seed and grows into something so much more. I have taken that first step, I hope that you will give it a chance to let it grow in you.

– Alvin – Scarborough, ON

I enjoyed the movie very much.  I was in awe.

– Lolita – Mississauga, ON

We are visitors from India. We are so privileged to come to see this movie today, The Triumph.  It was really a triumph in our life. We never thought that we could get a chance to see such a beautiful movie where the love of Mother Mary, love of Jesus was revealed…  Our faith has increased so much.

– Anonymous – North York, ON

Just watched the movie The Triumph. It was very moving and it was also pleasing to see the journey that Ben had, and that he ended up where he did after all his trials.

– Maria – Mississauga, ON

What I found very encouraging and beautiful was the message of finding peace within yourself.  The moment of the apparition just brought tears to my eyes. You could see the emotion of the visionary’s face and it was what I needed right at this time. The Triumph was a beautiful experience;  we are glad that we were here.

– Ian (Husband & Wife) – Mississauga, ON

I thought it is a humbling and human experience of everyone’s search for God.  One of the main messages I got was why would you live in sin and darkness when you can live in the peace and joy of Christ?

– Debbie – Whitby, ON

Being a Catholic, it still left me speechless. I am so touched by it.  It is so deep. I couldn’t imagine how a movie such as The Triumph could have this effect on me; as one who has tried to live my faith, I have come to realize how shallow my faith is and that I still have a lot of work to do. If this movie has an effect like this on me, I can just imagine what it can do to others who have not been touched by the love of God and the love of our Blessed Mother. Thank you for promoting this movie and I hope it will be seen by as many as possible.

– Yoli – Markham, ON

We thought this movie was absolutely incredible and we recommend everybody to see The Triumph. It was so moving, a beautiful, beautiful movie. Fantastic story.  We recommend everyone to see it.

– Patrick – Mississauga, ON

I encourage that we should take the time to see it wherever it is shown.  It’s very spiritual, enlightening, full of hope and courage. Especially dedicated to prayer. To be close to Jesus we need to find a time to be with Him, to know who He is in our lives… May God bless everyone who came to see the movie and everyone who will see it.

– Anonymous – North York, ON

We just watched The Triumph movie and it was incredibly moving. I had tears and joy and laughter. I was just struck by so many things, particularly seeing Mirjana, the visionary speak and hearing Ben’s story and seeing the priests and their witness and the youth and Imam speak about our world and our God. It was just incredible. A wonderful gift and I am so happy that we got to see The Triumph. We recommend it to anyone.                                    

– Sharon – Burlington, ON                     

I believe that we are faith-filled people but this movie certainly adds to our faith. Ben’s story is sort of our story. We have a boy similar to that.  It just helps our faith tremendously. It teaches us that we have to pray more.                                                                    

– Chuck & Helen (husband & wife) – North York, ON

This is my first movie in Canada and I am so fortunate that this is the first movie that I watched here. Yes, our faith has increased in Mother Mary and it’s been a great movie to watch.

– Nithia – North York, ON

Very moving, an inspiration to everyone.  Recommend everyone to see it, especially the young people.  Congratulations to the team.

– Anonymous – North York, ON

I found the movie to be very powerful. What I have taken from it is my wish for mostly youth to see the movie and to spread the word of peace and to realize that this movie is for all religions.

 – Susan – Whitby, ON

I really enjoyed this movie. I did not want this to end. It was like I was in Medjugorje seeing all this. I am so happy. I have to spread this news to everyone. It’s like I am longing for a miracle and I want to visit Medjugorje. I am so happy after seeing this movie.

– Anonymous – North York, ON

I have been to so many movies in my life but this is the most interesting and riveting movie I have ever seen.  There is no words to describe this. It is something between here and heaven I think. Everybody should see this.

– Anthony – Scarborough, ON

I like the movie. It’s down to earth. It connects with our culture, our generation. Many youth can relate to this experience.  People old and young can connect to it.  It is a message of hope, it is not a movie to scare people.  God is showing us so many ways He wants to reach out to us, the world, to save the people.  He is reaching out to save the world through Our Lady. The message is consistent with the Gospel, consistent with the faithfulness of the Church, consistent to the priesthood of Christ. I recommend this movie to the youth and older people. All the people I met here had a positive reflection, comment about the movie.  Thanks to the people who produced this and thanks to the Ave Maria Centre.  May God be honored, praised and blessed for the salvation of the souls.  And that’s what we do in the business of saving souls.  Every effort helps us priests to do our job better.  Thank you very much.

– Fr. Mournir – Holy Family Church – Whitby, ON

To state that the movie is amazing is an understatement. There are no words to describe in the earthly dictionary, how I feel… It is about the faith that you build in your heart. I recommend everyone to see this movie.

– Anonymous – Scarborough, ON

I thought it is a humbling and human experience of everyone’s search for God. One of the main messages I got was why would you live in sin and darkness when you can live in the peace and joy of Christ?

– Debbie – Whitby, ON

Even though I know so much about Medjugorje, there is still more to learn.  The message should be shared with everyone, especially the youth.

 – Maria – Scarborough, ON

Just finished watching the movie. It’s a wonderful experience. I will recommend to everyone to see the movie. It’s a beautiful movie.

– Vicky – Mississauga, ON

Mother Mary has always been my friend, since way back in the 90s. I want all my family members to come to her. I recommend everyone should see this movie.

– Anonymous – Scarborough, ON

This is an amazing movie in that it is in the theatre. It is a miracle in itself. This movie is another example of God’s great love outpouring His mercy for all his children, even in the theatre; it is a miracle itself. 

– Carmelita – Whitby, ON

I really liked the movie. Loved Mary’s messages, so simple, urging us to pray to know the love of God. Really liked how they used an average person to narrate the film, to give a perspective. It appeals to all people whether they currently feel the love of God as Mirjana says, or not.

– Anonymous – Scarborough, ON

Just saw the movie, the most impressive thing for me is the visionary. How she express herself.  She always remained humble herself. I am really, really taken by her humbleness. To see the journey of the young man, to witness what he is going through, the hope that is there. There should be a follow up to tell what happened to this young man… Overall I will say it is a well-worth film to see.

– Rita – Toronto, ON

I was really taken up by the joy that the people felt during the apparition. That joy only comes from God, not from anything that man could cause to happen. The expression on the visionary’s face was genuine. The peace and joy on the faces of people around her to see that the Blessed Virgin has come to earth to give.

– Indra – Scarborough, ON

This movie is very inspirational. I really liked it. Very amazing.

– Charlene – Whitby, ON

I really liked the movie. It was a good experience, I really liked that Ben decided to change his life and go back and put his faith in God and Mother Mary.

– Anonymous – Sudbury, ON

Awesome documentary. You have to experience Medjugorje.

– Niles – North York, ON

It was an awe-inspiring documentary. Just fabulous. Everyone should see it.

– Cynthia – Oshawa, ON

Really a great movie. Brought tears to my eyes.

– Denis – Whitby, ON

It really touched me. It is a wake-up call for everyone to pay attention. Mary, Mother of God is talking.

– Nancy – New Brunswick

Great movie.  I will encourage anyone whose family members have problems with alcohol or drugs to see it. I myself have a teenage grandson, and I sure wish I had brought him today to see this movie because it is a reality movie. What The Triumph means is being able to experience Jesus in your life, and how we can overcome anything, any problems we have in our life if we get back to our Christian values and go to church and pray. The images of Medjugorje, and the apparitions of Mary all round the world and how she is changing the lives of people. There is hope and there is triumph for everyone. I hope and pray that everyone would come and see this movie. It is a life-changing experience.

– Rose – Whitby, ON       

We just saw the movie, The Triumph and we thought that it was amazing. It was really a movie that you can connect with. I am a teacher with the Durham Catholic Board so I would really like to get the movie shown to my students and I think that they would be able to connect to it as well. Very moving and definitely a movie I’d like to see again.

– Stacy – Whitby, ON

The Triumph is great; people who do not believe in God should watch it. Helped me to change myself.

– Anonymous – North York, ON

I felt the Holy Spirit and I think it’s wonderful.

– Gabriel – Ajax, ON

This movie is fantastic.  I think it should be shown all the high schools and in many churches. God bless you.

– Cynthia – Courtice, ON

I brought my three teenagers and I am grateful that the youth can see this. It made me cry to listen to what people were saying. Glad we have seen it. I wish I had told more people about it.

– Martha – Whitby, ON

Just seen the movie The Triumph. I find it is very uplifting, inspirational. I think one has to have a certain amount of belief, definitely faith, in order to feel that it is authentic. I went there thinking it wasn’t or might not be, but now it has taken my faith to a higher level. Now I would like to read more about Medjugorje and possibly go on a pilgrimage to the site of the apparition. Hopefully it will increase my faith more and others when I tell them about Medjugorje. 

– Cecelia – Pickering, ON

It was so overwhelming to see this movie and to see so many young people touched by it. I would like my children to visit Medjugorje with me. Thank you so much for this movie.

– Anonymous – North York, ON

I felt a connection to that young man, Ben. Very human.  I have high hopes for him, perhaps he will enter the seminary and get peace within himself. The movie itself is very inspirational. I want to thank the people who had made this movie available to all to watch. It is definitely worthwhile coming out to see it. Thank you and God bless.     

– Maggie – Pickering, ON 

The movie struck a cord in me. The portrayal of Ben is excellent. He could be your son, your brother. He could be someone you know, he could be really anybody. I think they took a chance doing the movie that way, it didn’t seems like a documentary; seems more like a real live action movie that struck a cord with a wider audience because of the way they filmed it. I believe you come out of it feeling a positive feeling not a negative one at all. I took a chance bringing my son who is fourteen to see it, and I feel it was a very positive experience for him to see it. It may not be a movie that everyone likes, they might have thought it should be more serious. But I think it is a better approach to hit a wider audience. It is definitely a movie I could give as a gift to somebody. If I get a chance I will give it as a gift to as many people as I can.

– Anonymous – Whitby, ON

I just watched the movie The Triumph. It is a very interesting movie.  When you watch the movie you will know that our mother Mary is reigning.  There is peace when you watch it. It was so amazing. I was so surprised to see the movie.

– Janet – Mississauga, ON

I saw The Triumph in Chicago at the screening in May. Just saw the movie again last night, in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Wow…definitely worth seeing a second time! I saw so many things I “missed” the first time! I took four friends who knew very little about Medjugorje; they were blow away!

– Beth Kneesel

I loved The Triumph, I am coming back to see it again, and I must promote this for everyone to see.
My 11 year-old son now wants to go to Medugorje and said he is going to try a lot harder.
What a wonderful film, so important to the youth, I am going home to promote it.
It touched my heart.

– Audience feedback from Sydney, Australia

Excellent film. A must-see! Thanks for producing this masterpiece.

– Jeanean Strickland

This is a must see Documentary. I have seen it twice.

– Paulette M Gleason

I saw The Triumph and it was absolutely amazing. The film brought tears of joy to my eyes.  We sold out the theater in our small town of Grand Ledge and made Hannah’s House, a non-profit homeless shelter for pregnant women and their babies, a good amount of money.  God Bless You, for all you have done.  EVERYTHING IN THE FILM IS EXACTLY THE WAY IT IS.

– LeAnn Kirrmann

Check out this trailer of this powerful documentary. Saw it Saturday. It’s a must-see if it comes to your area.

– Eileen Paul

Beautiful movie…..so touching!

– Carole Pecjak

Saw The Triumph yesterday. It was very touching and inspiring. I will go see it again.

– Joan Beutel

My heart has been opened again – and after watching The Triumph I can look to the future thru the eyes of a child.

– Anonymous 

Hello! I just saw the showing in Rockford Illinois and I loved the movie. Very powerful and I could relate to Ben a lot.

– Jack Ross

Thanks to everyone who supported the 2 showings yesterday July 31st [at the Marcus Theater in Chicago Heights]. We sold out both shows!

– Frances Barba

Watched it this Sunday in Harlingen Texas, the valley city. I thought it was amazing and want to watch it again!!!!

– Mayra Gonzalez

I just saw the CBS Sunday Morning segment on Naperville and heroin. Here in Orange County we lose about one young person every 10 days from an overdose. I am hosting a screening [of The Triumph] here…

– Susan Piazza


– Cindy Holmes

Thank you for this tremendously inspirational documentary! We had a better-than-expected attendance for our screening in Ontario, California. I had no doubt that we would fill AMC’s largest theater … but two?!!!  660 tickets sold in four weeks! We are working to get more of our teenagers and young adults to this one [new screening], especially since your film has a pertinent message for our youth today. I am sure they will fill the same 2 theaters … maybe more. …this was truly a remarkable documentary.

I have gotten lots of extremely positive feedback from people… So once again, thank you for making such a powerful film.

– Yvette Weilacker

What a fantastic film. Even though I have been to Medjugorje three times …this was an amazing exciting journey with Ben. I can’t wait to go back to Medjugorje. This film was well done because it came from the heart and was raw. What you saw was what you experienced on Ben’s journey. Our Lady has big plans for Ben…and I can’t wait for “The Triumph II.”

– Kathleen Longenecker

I was finally able to see it. Saw it today with a group of friends. BRAVO. You did a beautiful job!!! I would invite you to see it. Find a screening near you or book one yourself. Check it out. May God Bless you.

– Audia Otto

I just saw the movie. This was a fantastic documentary. I cried and was happy too in parts. After being there it brings back every memory and that feeling of peace.

– Aggie Spooner

My friends in Denver said this movie is great.

– Luellen Hoffman

Excellent film; ALL SHOULD see it truly!!!!

– Joseph Colletti

Congrats on the outcome.

– Carolyn Daigle

It’s being shown in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas and the response to it was awesome. Thank you for this gift.

– Leanette Sauceda

My second showing by public demand will be next month hopefully when I return from Medjugorje on the 17th; some people were very touched by this divine film…. Our Lady’s spirit of Medjugorje was all to be seen in the eyes of those who came.

– Peter Campbell

Saw The Triumph twice. Will go again if it is in our area!!!

– Arlene Moles

Everyone, please see the movie. I’ve been there three times from 1987-2006 and it is accurate and captures the message of the Blessed Mother to continue to be converted. Truly inspirational and filled with the power of the Holy Spirit!

– Barbara Fazio

Close to being sold out in Grand Rapids, MI! Had to get a larger theatre for higher demand, 560 seats! So happy the word is getting out there about Our Lady and her messages. To anyone that would like to host a screening of The Triumph I would encourage you to do so. I can’t tell you how rewarding it is… In America, our society is so hungry for God’s love and compassion whether they know it or not.

Our job was primarily to get the word out…We had about ten of us that worked together on this project and our passion was driven by Our Lady and the Holy Spirit…without them…none of this would have been possible…I can’t tell you what a blessing it is to see all these people just excited to see this film.

– Megz Roberts

Thanks for sending the film to show yesterday in Grand Rapids. It was a sell out and a rousing success once again. It was just as wonderful the second time for me (first time in Chicago). Very few films can keep people in their seats all the way through the credits to the Triumphant end. A sign of success for you and Our Lady’s Message for all of us that anchors us in life and in our seats for the movie. I hope it has many more local showings upcoming and I yearn to return to Medjugorje!  –   as do all who see it. My two kids that haven’t gone are begging to go now after seeing it. God Bless and continued success.

– Nate Topie

We hosted the The Triumph last night in Broussard, Louisiana on The Feast of the Assumption and had amazing results. The documentary is inspiring and gives a powerful message of God’s love of humanity and how Our Blessed Mother reveals that to us during her apparitions; plus a lot more. God Bless!

– Brenda DesOrmeaux

My second time seeing the film and I am on the list to travel to Medjugorje next spring. Thank you to all of you who worked so hard to bring this wonderful film to West Michigan.

– Jill Roberts

This miraculous movie is great for young people.

– Mary Noren 

Never been to Medjugorje but saw the Triumph and it was wonderful!!!

– Carolynne Preston

Went there, had the best time, got the poster! If it comes back I will go again and bring my mom!

– Connie Talbert

I soooooo LOVED the Movie The Triumph…saw it in Norwood MA a month ago!!!!

– Gail Freeman

The Sacramento Catholic Ladies Film Society is chomping at the bit to watch this film.

– Margie Reilly

Absolutely life-changing movie. Make an effort to go see this movie!

– Denise Bielejeski

Wonderful film…very moving…loved it.

 Angela Soltysiak

Saw The Triumph in Addison last night. Beautiful, enlightening and deeply moving. Thank you for this masterpiece. Waiting for the DVD.

– Arlene Moles

What a phenomenal screening, seeing the film the second time was even better than the first, as you’re able to catch so much more. I gotta say, I simply love this film. Thank you for your ‘Yes’ to Our Lady, and for the incredible work that you allowed her to do through you.

– Daniel Klimek, Freelance Journalist / Ph.D. student at Catholic University of America

Watching the film in Naperville last night reiterated for me the necessity of prayer for those who have not come to know the love of God and for sinners.

– Karen Dean

Saw the film in Naperville, IL. Was so inspiring, filled my heart with love and great hope for our world.

– Kim Villacci Vaccariello

Awesome !! What an inspiring story – giving hope in these days of Supreme Court decisions and praying for religious liberties! Hopefully we can get it to thousands of theaters to reach more people!! PRAY, PRAY, PRAY.

– Frances Barba

Loved this movie!

– Kymm Lange

Saw this exceptional movie last night!! Was very impressed … everyone should be encouraged to see this and share the TRUTH!

– Lillian Kasper

Thank you so much again for allowing me the privilege of viewing your film. It really is an excellent production and has provided me with a lot to think and pray about. You and your team have packed so much information into that hour and a half!  You can’t possibly take it all in in one sitting. Honestly, I look forward to being able to purchase the DVD in order to watch parts of it again and again. No doubt, heaven has great plans for this film and the consecutive ones to follow. Well done!! I also must comment on how your love and enthusiasm for Our Lady, and the intimacy for Medjugorje and for the people of Medjugorje shines through this film. The viewer is immediately put at ease. God bless you for your work!

– Rosalinda Fiocchi

Excellent!!! Just returned from seeing this movie. The inspirational story of Medugorje…a must- see!!

– Gail Freeman

Saw this last night! It was life changing and I want everyone in the world to see it!

– Karen Pieh Mahoney

It was sooooo awesome! What an amazing movie! Hopefully I’ll get to go back to Medjugorje someday and take others with me!  Thank you Sean for coming out and talking with us!

– Jennifer Kuiper


– Belinda Barnes

I just saw this fascinating new documentary film set in Bosnia-Herzegovina about our Virgin Mother Mary’s prophetic warning to the world but with it a message of hope. You must watch it! It is truly inspiring! It will move you to tears!

– Guadalupe Macias

What an awesome movie! I saw it a week ago and am so happy I was able to see it. It brought me much peace.

– Sable Olson

Just wanted to thank everyone who made The Triumph a huge success both spiritually and monetarily. It is an awesome story, well-documented and produced, and “Ben” is so “real”. We shall continue to pray for him and God’s will for his vocation.  And so is Mirjana, the visionary of Our Lady of Medjugorje.  Our Blessed Mother, by the Grace of God, is trying to tell us something! We had both theaters filled (290 seats each) for the 5:00 PM showing and the 6:30 PM showing.  I heard nothing but positive reviews about the movie/documentary.  In fact, I’ve had emails and requests for more showings. It was the only showing in the state of Louisiana.

– Brenda DesOrmeaux

Just watched the movie here in San Antonio, TX and want information on how I can bring it back. I have so many that want to see it. I have felt so much joy since watching. Thank you so much for bring it to San Antonio. I want everyone to experience it. God bless you all.

– Pat Etter

Saw film in Craigavon, Northern Ireland. It was amazing, well filmed. Been to Medj once in 2006 and loved the spiritual peace. Taken my 16 year old daughter in August for Youth Week. Cannot wait to be back. God Bless Mr. Bloomfield for such an incredible portrayal of Medj. All the young people at the theater loved the film and especially Ben!

– Michelle Bennett Morrow

As tour directors, we thoroughly enjoyed your movie and the amount of work and professionalism that went into it’s production. The film covered the events in Medjugorje in great detail and with outstanding clarity. It was very nice to see some of the familiar faces we have come to know, as well as the many places in the village and around St. James church that are dear to our hearts. We are eager to get the film shown in the West Michigan area, as we know that it will provide many people with a clearer understanding of Our Lady’s messages and the events of Medjugorje. Well done.

– David Morin

Wonderfully moving film!

– Venetia Mills

For anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, you are definitely in for a trip if you make a screening in your town. the beginning starts out with parts of the film but trust me you will be in awe when you see a film with such cataclysmic power. I was blown away and so will you. 1….2…..3….TRIUMPH!!!!!

– Anonymous

This documentary is awesome!!! It is so desperately needed in today’s culture as a reminder of our heavenly goal. The gates to the Kingdom of Heaven are narrow…we must do everything we can to help each other. Our Lady is our guide.

– Carol DeRoy

The Triumph is dynamic addressing the REAL Life issues influencing young and mature adults of our Modern Times. Words from Heaven address the contrast difference between Unbelief and BELIEVE in GOD. Perhaps the “Y” Generation will make the difference in turning the Tidal Wave against complacency. Visionary Marjana of Medjugorje brings HOPE to our Culture of Death; her words and experience reflecting 31 + years in the Gospa School of Love; Our Lady, Queen of Peace.

– Okie Lorraine

THE TRIUMPH!!! Our Lady’s Movie of Medjugorie; she invites us, she brings us to Her Son; she beckons us to change our life; if we cannot go to the Holy Place of her apparition at Medjugorie, this movie of THE TRIUMPH calls us to her. An Excellent and Beautiful Movie for OUR TIME-NOW!  before it’s too late.

– Joseph Colletti

Seen it, it was a great documentary.

– Charlie Miller

Wonderful movie. Have just seen it in Johannesburg, South Africa.

– Pat Ferrandi

We had a TRIUMPHANT showing in San Antonio, Texas this past Wednesday. Sincere thanks to all who were able to attend. Very inspiring story!

– Anne Guyer

Well congratulations, the film is excellent. I know you mentioned it is really for young people, but I have to tell you, I think you will be surprised with the response of the Medj. old timers. I think Our Lady will use this film to stir the hearts of those who have been there in the past and maybe get them back to praying again. The visual is great, I had not seen the oozing on the knee of Our Lord before, most powerful. The trip to the Orthodox monastery was great but I have to admit the trip to the Muslim site and the cleric speaking really opened my eyes. He was great and I think a blessing for the film. He showed peace in his heart and the respect for Our Lady.

The story line moved well and the young man made a great subject for all to relate too. The treatment center was handled well and should be a help with the young as well as the middle aged people going over to see Our Lady. It was great to see him go back for help, with these intense addictions to sex, booze and drugs this should give hope to anyone that is really looking for it.

– James Gilboy, CMJ Marian Publishers

The movie was unreal. I cried through the whole thing. The best part is a man who works in the diocese with youth was there. The movie was so very amazing that Dr Palmer, head of renewal in Diocese of Rockville center, would love to show it to youth in every single parish!

– Nancy Jantzen

I’m excited about a powerful new film soon to be launched – a film about Medjugorje, a film with a difference, a film that reveals the powerful graces that Our Lady is bringing to the world through this most special place of pilgrimage and her messages. It’s called The Triumph.

Last Saturday afternoon I sat down to watch The Triumph, courtesy of its director Sean Bloomfield who, along with producer Zaid Jazrawi, has spent the last two years filming, editing and finally producing an outstanding witness to the power of the Medjugorje phenomenon in people’s lives. I’m not going to give away any detail about the film, except to say it is a production packed with hope for the future of mankind, and though its focus is directed to those on their journey to discovering the love of God, particularly young people, it is a film which will touch the hearts of everyone who watches it. It did mine. Our Lady’s heart is in the film, and it will bring about many conversions. It’s a triumph!

– Bernard Gallagher, Crown of Stars Blog

This film is for everyone.

It’s for those who don’t know God.

It’s for those who do know God.

It’s for those who are struggling with addictions.

It’s for those who are not struggling with addictions.

It’s for those who are young or old.

This film has something for everyone.


– Rebecca O’Sullivan

Hi. I viewed your superlative film, The Triumph, on Long Island, NY yesterday and congratulate you on your splendid documentary. I plan to promote the film as much as possible in Connecticut.

– Ginger Cox

I just wanted to share with you that Staten Island just premiered The Truimph this evening. It was a “Big Hit!” Great Work – congratulations on the movie. May God bless you and all those associated with the movie. Looking forward to the DVD. We hope to make a second showing – perhaps something more on a larger scale. The movie is very real and it should get out to as many more people as possible.

– Gabriella Guastella-Malara

A Documentary that will change the world.

– Carolyn Daigle

The whole world will get to know what has been happening in a small village in the former Yugoslavia….the time has come: a blessing that has brought hope to countless people and a choice that God is asking the world to make.

– John Bauer

This documentary will do wonders for others. VERY powerful!

– Sarah Burger

Fantastic movie! It will forever be in my heart. I feel so blessed to have been a part of this. Thanks be to God!

– Lynn Manno

Must see! I can’t stop telling people about it. Make the time to see The Triumph. You wouldn’t regret it. Thanks and prayers to all that took part in producing this great film.

– Carol Muehlenbein

This could be the most important film for 2013. Please pray for the promotion and financial backing for this film. Many miracles and conversions have occurred when people visit Medjugorje, but more important is their change of heart. Everyone prays there and the atmosphere of peace and love abounds.

– Betsy Poti

This film will help spread the unique sense of peace that surrounds Our Lady and all who visit her in Medjugorje. There is nothing on this earth like it.

– Denis Riley

Everyone should see this, it is truly a wake up call for our troubled times. Our Father truly loves us and wants us to all turn to Him.

– Patty Jean Treacy

This is a MUST SEE !!!!!!! It’s taking place right now…

– Elaine Sobreira

Saw the movie in Boston, It was wonderful. Love you Blessed Mother.

– MaryBeth Linnane

The music was awesome! I’m 17 and this was totally not what I expected. I’m so glad I came and I want everyone in my high school to see this film.

– Anonymous

Just saw this enlightening, powerful documentary in Royal Oak MI. I recommend this to all. I have always wanted to go to Medjugorje & this documentary took me there!

– Laurie Thibert

This film was better than Steven Spielberg’s last film!

– Anonymous

This movie will change your life…..if it doesn’t you’re in deep trouble!

– Elaine Sobreira